Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis services offered in Brooklyn and Rego Park, Queens, NY

Sinusitis is a condition where your sinuses are blocked, leading to chronic infection and uncomfortable symptoms. Raj Bhayani, MD, and the team at the New York Institute of Otolaryngology and Aesthetic Surgery give you compassionate care when it comes to treating your sinus symptoms. The office has two locations in Bensonhurst and Rego Park, New York, making getting treatment convenient for you and your family. Call one of the offices to schedule an appointment or book online today.

Chronic Sinusitis Q&A

What is chronic sinusitis?

Chronic sinusitis happens when mucus, pus, or fluid becomes trapped in your nasal sinuses, resulting in congestion and other symptoms that last for longer than 10 days. The fluid that becomes trapped causes inflammation in your nasal passage, leading to a number of uncomfortable symptoms.


Acute sinusitis is usually brought on by a cold or mild infection and goes away with treatment. Chronic sinusitis is usually persistent and doesn’t respond well to antibiotics or other conservative measures.


Chronic sinusitis has a number of causes, including allergies, asthma, polyps, and abnormal nose structure. Surgery is needed in severe cases of this condition to allow the sinuses to remain open permanently.

What are the symptoms of chronic sinusitis?

The symptoms of chronic sinusitis often come and go but never subside completely. They also depend on the cause of the condition but often include symptoms such as:


  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Inflammation in your nose
  • Postnasal drip or drainage
  • Congestion
  • Thick drainage from your nose
  • Tenderness or pain in your forehead
  • Ear pain


You may feel exhausted and lose some of your sense of taste and smell. Headaches and pain in your jaw or teeth is also common when you suffer from chronic sinusitis.

What are treatments for chronic sinusitis?

Dr. Bhayani offers several treatments for chronic sinusitis, based on your symptoms and what’s causing the condition. Conservative measures are often the first line of treatment. These treatments include nasal corticosteroids and saline irrigation.


Nasal corticosteroids help reduce the inflammation in your sinuses caused by chronic sinusitis. These often come in the form of nasal sprays and may provide relief of your symptoms.


Saline irrigation helps to flush the fluid or mucus out of your sinuses. It helps reduce any irritation or infection that could be causing your symptoms.


In severe cases, Dr. Bhayani recommends balloon sinuplasty to open up your nasal sinuses permanently. This minimally invasive procedure uses tiny balloons to dilate your sinuses, allowing fluid and mucus to drain. This relieves pressure and congestion that didn’t go away with conservative measures.


To learn more about chronic sinusitis, call one of the two convenient locations in New York today, or book a consultation online.