Same Week Appointments

Same Week Appointments

Same Week Appointments services offered in Brooklyn and Rego Park, Queens, NY

It’s so hard to get into any specialist these days, especially regarding ENT care. At the New York Institute of Otolaryngology and Aesthetic Surgery, Raj Bhayani, MD, offers same-week appointments when you need to be seen for issues like sinusitis or sleep disorders. The practice has two locations in Bensonhurst and Rego Park, New York, making it easy for you to get in for a last-minute appointment. Call one of the offices today or book a consultation on the website to schedule with Dr. Bhayani.

Same Week Appointments Q&A

Why are same-week appointments important?

When you need care for an issue with your ears, nose, or throat, prompt treatment is necessary to relieve your symptoms and get you back to your busy life. However, getting into a specialist isn’t always easy.


Dr. Bhayani and the team at the New York Institute of Otolaryngology and Aesthetic Surgery are proud to offer same-week appointments when you need to be seen. Gone are the days of waiting months to get into an ENT physician.


If your hearing is suffering or you can’t breathe through your nose, you don’t want to go weeks wondering what’s causing the problem. This is where same-week appointments help, as you can get in and get treatment quickly, so you may go about your busy life.

When might you need same-week appointments?

There are a number of different reasons that you need a same-week appointment. If something comes up, such as a sinus infection or ear pain, you want to be seen quickly, as these conditions cause pain and uncomfortable symptoms.


If your child is having issues like ear pain, throat pain, or a congested or runny nose, prompt evaluation is also necessary. Kids can’t always voice what’s bothering them, making same-week appointments vital to swift and compassionate treatment.


Anytime you’re having trouble with your ears, nose, or throat, it’s important to seek care as quickly as possible. The longer you let issues go, the more problems can arise. This complicates your treatment, which is why Dr. Bhayani offers same-week appointments.

What’s the best way to schedule a same-week appointment?

If you’re looking to get into the practice quickly, the best way to do so is by calling one of our two locations in New York. With locations in both Gravesend and Rego Park, New York, quick and convenient care is possible.


Once you call in, be sure to provide any relevant symptoms to the team member, along with any at-home treatments you’ve tried. You also want to provide any relevant medical history and recent surgeries with the team to allow them to schedule properly.


You can also send the team a message on the website to get an appointment with Dr. Bhayani. Although the preferred method is a phone call, this at least brings a message to the team about your desire to get into the practice quickly.


To schedule with Dr. Bhayani, don’t hesitate to call one of the offices in New York or book a consultation online.